Resourcepack not loading

Resourcepack not loading, I get an error in chat

  • If you have SkinsRestorer please read here.
  • Check if you have another plugin that uses custom resourcepacks, if you have please disable its resourcepack feature or ItemsAdder won't be able to apply the pack correctly (you can make them compatible if you've a minimum knowledge on how to merge resourcepacks manually, be sure to not replace ItemsAdder files and you're done. The pack folder of ItemsAdder is resouce_pack)
  • Make sure you don't have any resourcepack set in the server.properties file
  • Minecraft limits servers resourcepacks size to 50MB on Minecraft 1.14 and 100MB on 1.15+, be sure to compress your textures and your music files before creating the zip file.
  • Be sure that yoururlis a direct download link to the zip file. If you paste the link on your browser (Firefox/Chrome) you must instantly see the download start, if you see a download page with buttons it's wrong. Resourcepack hosting tutorials.
  • Be sure to follow all tutorial steps
  • Be sure the port is opened if you use self-host.
  • Run /iainfo command and make sure the resourcepack URL is reachable from your browser and it directly downloads the resourcepack .zip file.

My players can't see textures! But I've followed the whole tutorial

There are three ways to fix this issue:
  • If your players can't see the new items just link them this simple screens to fix it! http://imgur.com/a/SG0AUโ€‹
  • If you still have problems delete the server from your servers list, add it again and then enable resource packs.
  • If you still have problems leave the server, go to %appdata%/.minecraft/server-resource-packs and delete everything. Then join the server again.
Make sure you're not using UPPERCASE, space or special characters in items names, namespaces, texture files (png) and model files (json)