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Protect resourcepack from unzip

How to protect your resourcepack from thief
With ItemsAdder you can protect your resourcepack from unzip and thieves. You just have to set this option in config.yml and use /iazip again. If you're using Dropbox don't forget to reupload the pack and update the config.yml
protection_1: true
protection_2: true


There is no 100% effective way to protect resourcepack because the game must need to be able to extract it correctly to show textures.
This feature is a mitigation to avoid kids and trolls to steal your texture. Some experienced users might be able to find a way to bypass these protections.
ItemsAdder does its best to prevent this, but keep that eventuality in mind.
Every other plugin has the same limitations. It's not a limitation of ItemsAdder.


The protection_1 property allows you to protect the resourcepack with a basic method.


The protection_2 property allows you to protect the pack with another layer of protection to block some other methods to unzip the pack.


This is a funny meme showcase of what the user will see when they try to steal your data. But this is actually what the user will see, a group of corrupted files and folders.
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