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How to add compatibility?

Click to read the old method for ItemsAdder 3.4.1-r4 and lower
  • add all your mobs models and configurations inside the ModelEngine plugin folder (read the ModelEngine tutorials for more info)

  • run /meg reload to generate the ModelEngine resourcepack

  • open the plugins/ModelEngine/resource_pack/assets/ folder

  • copy assets folder inside plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/modelengine/resourcepack/ folder

  • Run /iazip (and follow the hosting tutorial if needed)

  • add all your mobs models and configurations inside the ModelEngine plugin folder (read the ModelEngine tutorials for more info)

  • open config.yml of ItemsAdder and set this:

      - "ModelEngine/resource pack"
  • run /meg reload to generate the ModelEngine resourcepack.

  • /iazip (and follow the hosting tutorial if needed).

Differences between ItemsAdder and ModelEngine

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⚠️ This comparison page wasn't updated since Nov 26, 2022 and might not reflect the actual state of the plugins.


This page is not meant to discredit the works put into ModelEngine or to decide which plugin is better. ModelEngine lets you introduce custom entities that act almost like the vanilla ones at a reasonable price. These are just my thoughts about ModelEngine, but there's probably some features I missed. So, take what I say with a grain of salt and ask others which plugin they like the most.

Please consider contacting me if you find incorrect data on this page, I'll be more than happy to discuss about it and fix the reported inconsistencies.

Network traffic comparison

This is a comparison of the network traffic usage of both plugins (lower rx and traffic are better). To make these tests I used 25 ninja_skeleton model downloadable from here: ItemsAdder, ModelEngine.

No AI (standing still with idle animation)

With AI (wandering around)

Animation quality comparison

ModelEngine v4 "overall network load reduction" controversy

MythicCraft announcement advertises an "overall network load reduction" for their new ModelEngine v4 version.

There is some chat going on on the MythicCraft Discord server about how rx (packets sent to the client) are extremely lower compared to MEG 3. I also got contacted by some users about this fact and this caught my curiosity. However these users statements are misleading.

I decided to make some analysis using the client F3 screen data and I made a custom Spigot plugin for the occasion. The rx values showcased by these users are not correct because of how the client calculates this value. MEG v4 uses bundle packets which allow the client to wait before elaborating a group of packets received between an interval.

The bundle packet works like that:

  1. Server sends bundle start packet

  2. Server sends the packets (in this case MEG sends display entity teleport and display entity size + rotation

  3. Server sends bundle end packet

This means that the server sends 4 packets in total, but the rx value shown on the client is instead 1. This happens because the game considers the bundle packets as a single packet, so the F3 screen shows an unreliable value for the purpose of comparing v3 vs v4 or ModelEngine vs ItemsAdder.

I did some testing using a model lend by the EliteCreatures team: a ship model with 35 bones.


✅ IA sends less packets when entities are stand still and not walking around (but still running their current animation, obviously). ❌ IA (for now) sends than MEG v3 when referring to entities walking around the world. ❌ IA has some missing features compared to MEG v3, but they are not something which creates any difficulty into creating realistic custom entities. Refer to the previous comparison table.

✅ MEG v3 has lower packet usage (-30%) for moving entities compared to IA. ❌ MEG v3 has higher packet usage (+20%) for standing entities compared to IA. ❌ MEG v3 entity walking/rotating looks clunky as you can see in the previous video.

The packets amount difference is negligible between ModelEngine v3 and ItemsAdder for both plugins.

ModelEngine v4 introduces the display entities usage which cuts down the packets usage due to how these entities work.

In conclusion: you have to decide which one fits your server project the most.

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