🎨Colored models

If you want to make a colored element (for example a custom colored furniture) or a colored vehicle you don't have to make a separate model for each item with different color.

How can I do this?

1. open your model with Blockbench

2. select the face you want to be colored

3. use a white/gray texture, for better coloring

4. enable the hidden "Tint" feature

5. enable the coloring for each face you want to be colored

6. set the specific color attribute in your .yml file.

In this example I used leather_horse_armorbut you can also use potion.

    display_name: "Orange Modern Lamp"
        color: ORANGE
      material: LEATHER_HORSE_ARMOR
      generate: false
      model_path: item/template_modern_lamp

If you want to use a specific color you can use this color picker. Copy the decimal color (hex).

7. now you can create as many as furnitures you want, just change the color and it will be automatically colored by the game

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