Furniture size

It's advised to use the small furniture (small Armor Stand)

How can I adjust the furniture position when placed?

If you want to adjust it you just have to use Blockbench as usual and:

  1. click on display on the right

  2. click on the armorstand icon on the left

  3. click on the smile face (head) on the left

  4. move your model on the armorstand bottom (it's the ground)

Too small furniture

If your furniture is too small but you want it bigger and with bigger hitbox just set this to false. If you instead want a small furniture with small hitbox just set it to true.

Note: hitbox is not limited, you can set a bigger hitbox which will be unrelated to the entity itself.

Set the hitbox attributes:

      height: 2
      length: 3
      width: 3
    small: false

and set this is BlockBench

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