💃Broken emote textures

Emotes have bugged textures (1.17+)

Shader Mod issues

Mods that allow the usage of custom shaders will break emotes due to them overriding/replacing the vanilla Shader which ItemsAdder uses for the Emotes feature.

The only way to "fix" this is by disabling the shaders themself or removing the shader mod in question.

Known shader mods that cause issues:


Related issue: https://github.com/sp614x/optifine/issues/6391


Related issue: https://github.com/IrisShaders/Iris/issues/1042

Mods that change the player skins

A mod may change the default player model/skin and can therefore be affected by ItemsAdder's shader manipulations, or vice-versa.

Known Mods that cause issues:


The mod alters the outer skin layer to make them appear in 3D, which alters the player model itself.

A possible fix is to disable 3D Skulls and 3D Skull Items in the mod's settings. There is currently no workaround for using 3D layers in Emote animations.

Additional information can be found in the related issue: https://github.com/tr7zw/3d-Skin-Layers/issues/45

Customizable Player Models

This mod allows the complete customization of the player model including replacing parts of it or the model as a whole. Due to this will Emotes not display properly in ItemsAdder and there is currently no fix available outside of not using the mod or not using the Emote animations.

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