Entity creation

New advanced method to create custom mobs/entities
Do not abuse the spawning of these mobs. The plugin is very optimized but it can cause lag if you are crazy enough to spawn 600+ entities in front of a player.
Advanced animation features

Main features

  • ​Blockbench extension to convert models
  • Completely Async, no TPS drops
  • Optimized for big servers
  • Damage animation
  • Fire animation when entity is on fire
  • Animate size of bones
  • Animate rotation of bones without angles limitations
  • Multiple mount seats
  • Play sounds and particles in animations
  • Show entity hands equipment
  • Custom hitbox
  • MythicMobs compatibility
  • Citizens compatibility


  • Head bone rotation works only if the mob head is not too far from the center of the body
  • Pressing SHIFT on flying mobs to move down works only on 1.15, 1.17 and 1.18 clients as 1.16 clients have this bug: . 1.16 clients will see players flying if they press SHIFT while on a flying entity while they should still be riding the entity.
  • This plugin uses multiple entities to create the animation. Network delay can cause slight animation glitches. It can cause a little lag on servers if you spawn too many entities around players and if your models have too many bones. (NOTE: this plugin is highly optimized so you won't get lag if your server is not a potato)
  • Hitbox of Citizens NPCs can't be changed for now, it's a Citizens limitation
Last modified 3mo ago