Text tutorial

  • Open DropBox, register/login

  • Use the command/iazip (it's important because /iazipreloads the configs and updates the generated.zip file)

  • Open folder: plugins/ItemsAdder/output/

  • Drag and drop on DropBox the file generated.zip

  • Press Share

  • Press Create

  apply-on-join: true
  kick-player-on-decline: false
  delay-ticks: 1
    enabled: false
    enabled: true
    url: 'https://www.dropbox.com/blablabla?dl=0'
  • THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Use command /iareload to reload the plugin after you change something in config.yml (in this case to reload the resourcepack download link)

  • Use command /iatexture on your game to refresh your current game texture ingame or use /iatexture all to refresh it for every player

PLEASE use /iazip everytime you edit a texture, a 3D model, a sound... then reupload the pack on Dropbox and use /iareload or you won't see any change obviously.

Change the file name each time you upload a new version of the resourcepack to force the game to redownload the new version. If you reupload the zip file with the same and keep the same URL it won't update to each player.

But this is so slow! I have to reupload on DropBox too many times!

Yea it is, that's why you should use the self host feature instead of DropBox. But some hosting (cheap ones) don't provide port opening, so you must use DropBox.

Continue installation if you need

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