🎆Text Effects

Special text animations and coloring effects

  • Requires Minecraft 1.17+ clients

  • Doesn't work in Minecraft language files (game limitation)

  • Edits the rendertype_text shader files

What are text effects?

They are some cool decorative text effects you can use in your server to make it more professional.

You have to run /iazip in order to enable/disable this feature. Make sure also to enable it in the config.yml.

    enabled: true # This option requires /iazip when changed.
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true


  • Use text-effects in chat

    • ia.user.text_effect.chat

  • Use text-effects in signs

    • ia.user.text_effect.sign

  • Use text-effects in books

    • ia.user.text_effect.book

  • Use text-effects in anvil rename field

    • ia.user.text_effect.anvil

  • Use a text-effect

    • ia.user.text_effect.use.<effect>

List of effects


Permission: ia.user.text_effect.use.r Usage: <r text>


Permission: ia.user.text_effect.use.w Usage: <w text>


Permission: ia.user.text_effect.use.j Usage: <j text>

Rainbow + Wobble

Permission: ia.user.text_effect.use.rw Usage: <rw text>

Rainbow + Jump

Permission: ia.user.text_effect.use.rj Usage: <rj text>

Where can I use these effects?

  • Custom item name (in the .yml file)

  • Custom item lore (in the .yml file)

  • Chat

  • Sign

  • Book

  • Bossbar

  • Prefix-Suffix (Luckperms for example)

  • More soon....

How to create animated prefix (Luckperms)

/lp group admin meta setprefix "<rw ADMIN >"

Click here to read Luckperms official tutorials if you don't know how prefix works.

Using text effects without the placeholders

For some reason if you want to use text effects on areas which don't support ItemsAdder placeholders (like <r TEXT>) you can use another method.

These effects are triggered based on a special HEX color. So if the area where you want to show a text effect supports HEX colors you can do that.

Special colors







Rainbow + Wobble


Rainbow + Jump


Using them in Minecraft vanilla JSON notation

This triggers the rainbow effect: /tellraw @a {"text":"custom text example", "color":"#FFFFFE"}

Replace FFFFFE with the effect you want.

Using them in plugins which support MiniMessage

(for example ItemsAdder itself and ChatFormatter)

This triggers the rainbow effect: <#FFFFFE>custom text example

Replace FFFFFE with the effect you want.

Using them in plugins which support legacy HEX notation







Rainbow + Wobble


Rainbow + Jump


This was tested on EpicRename and should work in any plugin or place where Spigot handles the colors replacement using its own legacy colors code.

Example: /rename &x&F&F&F&F&F&ETest

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