🖼️Font Images

Allows you to create images which can be used in texts, also known as glyphs and symbols

What are Font images?

This feature allows you to create images that can be used to make: GUIs, HUDs, Emojis, custom characters, custom player prefixes and anything else you imagine! (you can put these images inside any text).


🔖Ranks textures (prefix)😁Emojis

Use specific a character

ItemsAdder will decide the custom character for you if you don't include the symbol property at all. You don't have to worry about it for each emoji/font_image, but if you really need to specify a custom character to be used for the custom font_image you can use the special property symbol.

For example:

  permission: smile
  show_in_gui: true
  path: "font/emoji/smile.png"
  symbol: "鄿"
  scale_ratio: 9
  y_position: 8

Minecraft will show the smile emoji every time you write in chat.

I don't care about ItemsAdder font_image, I want to handle default.json by myself

You can do it, you just have to create a default.json file and handle it on your own.

Manually creating font images

Examples of content created with Font images feature

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