🗃️Merge resourcepacks

Merge other resourcepacks (also custom plugins resourcepacks)

ItemsAdder 3.3+ only!

Why merging?

Minecraft supports only 1 server resourcepack. If you have more than one resourcepack you need to merge them.

How to merge?

Step 1

Copy the assets folder of your resourcepack.

Step 2

Paste the assets folder of your resourcepack inside a new contents sub-folder. For example merged_pack_1: ItemsAdder/contents/merged_pack_1/resourcepack/

Step 3

Use the /iazip command to compress the ItemsAdder resourcepack. (Make sure to follow the correct hosting tutorial based on the hosting method you decided).

Step 4 (advanced users)

If you are merging more than 1 pack you might need to decide a merge priority. Open config.yml and write the load priority order of your contents sub-folders folders.

      - vanilla
      - _iainternal
      - merged_pack_1
      - merged_pack_2
      - merged_pack_3
      # ... other packs here of which you want to change load order.




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