API Utilities

API Utilities

These are some static utilities to fast get some information.

Note that these static utility methods are for lazy usage, you should use the other API classes instead.

// Check if itemsadder finished loading its items and if they are available
// Normally you should use ItemsAdderFirstLoadEvent instead.
// but sometimes you might also need to check this programmatically.
public static boolean areItemsLoaded()

//Checks if an item is a custom item made with ItemsAdder
public static boolean isCustomItem(ItemStack itemStack)
public static boolean isCustomItem(String customItemName)

//returns the ItemStack of a custom block in world
public static ItemStack getCustomBlock(Block block)

//check if an entity in world is a furniture
public static boolean isFurniture(Entity entity)

//check if an ItemStack is a specific custom item 
//(example: check if a pickaxe is 'amethyst_pickaxe')
public static boolean matchCustomItemName(ItemStack itemStack, String customItemName)

Old API methods

This is the old API, it's still available and working fine.

//Get an ItemsAdder custom item by its name in config
public static ItemStack getCustomItem(String nameInConfig)

//Spawns a block made with ItemsAdder specifying the itemstack 
//(obtain it with getCustomItem)
public static void placeCustomBlock(Location location, ItemStack customBlock)
public static void placeCustomBlock(Location location, ItemStack customBlock, boolean lightweight)

//get custom block loots
public static List<ItemStack> getCustomBlockLoot(Block block, ItemStack tool, boolean includeSelfBlock)

//Check if a block in the world is a custom block made with ItemsAdder
public static boolean isCustomBlock(Block block)

//plants custom seed like a normal player would do
public static void placeCustomCrop(Location location, ItemStack seed)

//check if block is custom planted crop with custom seed
public static boolean isCustomCrop(Block block)

//get custom seed of custom crop
public static String getCustomSeedNameFromCrop(Block block)

//get name of the item in config (ex: 'ruby_pickaxe')
public static String getCustomItemName(ItemStack itemStack)

//get name of config where the item is declared (ex: 'items/swords')
public static String getCustomItemFileName(ItemStack itemStack)

//gets usages remaining of this item (-999 if it has no usages specified = infinite)
public static int getCustomItemUsages(ItemStack itemStack)

//set custom item durability (also works with vanilla items and with
//custom items with default vanilla durability)
public static ItemStack setCustomItemDurability(ItemStack item, int durability)

//get custom durability
public static int getCustomItemDurability(ItemStack itemStack)

//get max custom durability 
public static int getCustomItemMaxDurability(ItemStack itemStack)

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