Download branding assets

The below ZIP file contains assets that you can use for your resource page or in your own assets related to ItemsAdder. Make sure to read the Usage terms before doing anything though.

Preview of the zip content

Usage terms

You can use the assets...

  • on resource pages for Add-ons and/or plugins supporting ItemsAdder that you own.

  • in own images for your resources.

...under the following conditions:

  • You do not claim ownership over the assets. Original ownership stays with LoneDev, the developer of ItemsAdder.

  • You do not claim to have created those assets yourself.

  • You do not use the assets or part of them to create your own resource logo.

  • You do not redistribute the assets. This includes but isn't limited to modified versions of both the ZIP file and the actual files themself.

  • Give credit to the original branding page (This one) by linking to it.

  • The images may only be used to cite ItemsAdder.


  • Thanks to Andre_601 for the creation of the ia_addon_banner file

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