⚠️Plugin doesn't work!

"Plugin doesn't work!!!"

Please check if your problem is in these tutorials which can help you fixing in a minute

Did you recently update your server/plugin or install a new plugin?

Try to remove the new plugin, restore from a server backup, or downgrade the updated plugin/server version and check if the issue persists.

If you still have problems, please read this and then contact me:

I hate when users just report problems saying this phrase, it has no sense and I can't help you in any way, I need more information than this. Please when you report something be sure to follow every single step of my tutorials and have read all the wiki. Be sure to test the plugin on a CLEAN server (with only ItemsAdder installed), could be a plugin interfering. Be sure to use the latest version of the plugin. If the problem persists please when you report the problem send me these information:
    Exacly what you did to trigger the problem
    Server version, use /versioncommand and send me the exact text it shows (use it in console to copy and paste)
    Plugin version
    Tell me if you edited the .yml files of ItemsAdder
    Tell me if you edited the resourcepack
    Zip ItemsAdder .yml files and send me them
    Specify if the plugin shows error in console or in chat
    Complete log of your server (not just a small portion of the error you see of ItemsAdder or I can't identify the issue)
    IP of your server
    /op LoneDev (or give me creative, /pl command, all ItemsAdder permissions and Essentials permissions for/tp, /iand other useful commands to test things out)
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