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Plugin doesn't work!

Did you recently update your server/plugin or installed a new plugin?

Try to remove the new plugin, restore from a server backup, or downgrade the updated plugin/server version and check if the issue persists.

Please read this if you still have problems

When you report something be sure to:
  • follow every single step of my tutorials and make sure to read all the wiki.
  • test the plugin on a CLEAN server (with only ItemsAdder installed) since it could be a plugin interfering.
  • use the latest version of the plugin, its dependencies and server.
If the problem persists, and you think it's a bug, send me these information when you report the problem:
  • Exactly what you did to trigger the problem
  • Server version, use /version command and send me the exact text it shows (use it in console to copy and paste)
  • Plugin version
  • Tell me if you edited the .yml files of ItemsAdder
  • Tell me if you edited the resourcepack
  • Zip ItemsAdder .yml files and send me them
  • Specify if the plugin shows error in console or in chat
  • Complete log of your server (not just a small portion of the error you see of ItemsAdder or I can't identify the issue)
Use the search button before submitting a report, people might already have reported it.
Last modified 1yr ago