Holographic Displays

How to use emojis in hologram

Now you can use font_images (emojis) inside holograms texts and everywhere in all plugins which support PlaceholderAPI, in this case Holographic Displays. This is the code: %img_NAME% instead of NAME write the font_image name. For example: %img_smile%

To create an hologram you can use these commands for example:

/holo create test_itemsadder Hello! %img_smile%

How to add a floating custom item?

  • run /iacustommodeldata <item> (for example /iacustommodeldata ruby)

  • copy the CustomModelData, for example 10000

  • create a new hologram, for example: /hd create holo_icon Hello!

  • add the floating item to the hologram by specifying the vanilla type and the CustomModelData. Example: /hd addline holo_icon ICON: IRON_INGOT {CustomModelData: 10000}


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