Edit the English wiki

How to edit this wiki?

Setting up your repository

Open the Github repository of this wiki, press on Fork.

Make sure you're on the master branch.

Select a file you want to edit and press the pen button

Edit the file and then press Commit changes

Important notes

  • Do not remove the # special characters, edit only the next text, these are titles.

  • Do not remove or edit special texts inside { }, for example {% hint style="info" %}, these are used to create the hint message boxes.

  • Do not remove * character, these are used to create lists

  • Do not remove emojis

  • Do not edit or remove the --- description: --- text on top of some pages, edit only the inner text.

  • Do not remove \ on some lines end

Example of what you must not edit

Last step

Contact LoneDev in order to get your changes reviewed and added to the wiki. Feel free to ping LoneDev on the Discord or to open a support ticket in the community channel.

Would be good if you update your repository each time the main repository (the one in English) gets edited, to reflect changes.

To sync it you have to press Fetch Upstream. https://docs.github.com/en/pull-requests/collaborating-with-pull-requests/working-with-forks/syncing-a-fork

You can keep track of changes in the Discord notification channel.

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