Enabling compatibility

Step 1

Install ItemsAdderBlocksInjector and don't remove it after installation!

Step 2

Create your Iris world (follow their guides) and use your ItemsAdder custom blocks IDs as you would do with vanilla blocks.
For example open this file of the overworld pack: plugins\Iris\packs\overworld\biomes\mountain\mountain.json
Then edit the layers settings to use a custom block, in this example the custom Amethyst Block:
"layers": [
"minHeight": 1,
"maxPerChunk": 21,
"maxHeight": 80,
"minPerChunk": 7,
"minSize": 3,
"maxSize": 7,
"palette": [{ "block": "iasurvival:cassiterite_ore" }],
"varience": 7
This will generate a similar result:

Compatibility issues

  • FastAsyncWorldEdit will stop working, there is nothing I can do about that.
  • WorldEdit //undo and //copy won't work with the custom blocks placed by Iris, they would be reverted back to NOTE_BLOCK (or mushroom, TRIPWIRE, CHORUS_PLANT)
Last modified 1yr ago