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Info about self-hosting

With ItemsAdder you can host the resourcepack directly on your server! No need to pay for a website host and no need to upload the pack every time you make a change!

Your hosting service must let you get additional ports for your server. If your hosting service doesn't provide you additional ports you have to use one of the alternative hosting methods

What is the difference between self-host and the other methods?

Difference is that with self-host you can download the pack directly from your server without having to upload it to a website each time you make a small change.

self-host is really useful when you are configuring the resourcepack on your test server on your PC. Because you just have to use command /iazip and you'll see changes applied ingame almost instantly.

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How can I configure the self host?

  • Check in your hosting service panel if you can get an additional port, if not please ask hosting service support to provide your one.

For example on Pterodactyl:

  • after you obtained a new port you can open config.yml and set like this:

    enabled: true
    server-ip: ''
    pack-port: 8163
  • you have to replace with your server IP

  • and replace 8163 with the new port you obtained.

For example if my ip is 123.456.789.0 and my additional port is 8163I will set it like this:

    enabled: true
    server-ip: '123.456.789.0'
    pack-port: 8163

pack-port is not the same as your server port (the one your users use to connect). means "this pc". So if you are testing the plugin on your PC you can leave default config so plugin will look for the resourcepack zip directly in your PC.

Do not forget to use /iazip everytime you edit a texture, a 3D model, a sound... or you won't see any change obviously.

Last step

After you configured the config.yml file you just have to run /iazip command to refresh the zip file and start the hosting.

Continue installation if you need

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Cloudflare paid plan

Read this part if you are using Cloudflare to protect your IP + port (paid plan) and you have a special rule to redirect the resourcepack request from a subdomain to the resourcepack port.

For example:

  • the server is hosted on mc.example.com

  • the resourcepack is on port 8163

  • you set a Cloudflare rule to redirect all traffic from pack.example.com to mc.example.com:8163

In order for it to work you have to set your configuration like that:

      enabled: true
      server-ip: 'https://pack.example.com' # <-- don't forget https
      pack-port: 8163
      append-port: false # <-- important

This will stop ItemsAdder from adding http in front of your URL and stop adding the port at the end of the URL.

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