🔍Resourcepack is not loading correctly

Please read this page CAREFULLY before asking for support.

Most of the times the issue can be easily fixed by reading this page.

When to read this page

  • resourcepack not loaded at all

  • an error shown fullscreen when the player joins

  • black and purple texture is shown

  • your model doesn't load correctly

  • the pack failed to load

  • custom sounds don't play

  • infinite resourcepack loading glitch


You have to change hosting method if you are still using auto-external-host because it doesn't work anymore. More info here

How to read the SERVER logs

  • run the command /iazip

  • wait it to finish

  • read your server console or open the file logs/latest.log using any text editor (for example VSCode)

  • check if any error or warning was thrown and read them carefully, they contain useful information most of the times

How to read the CLIENT logs (not SERVER)

Any launcher

Join the server and let the pack load. Open your Minecraft GAME log file, not server logs. It is usually located here: %appdata%\.minecraft\logs\latest.log You can clearly see which files failed to load and why, the errors are clear in most of the cases.

Original launcher

Enable output log

Join the server and read the log

Find out which file is broken

You can clearly see which files failed to load and why, the errors are clear in most of the cases. In this example I had two broken files gem_vending_machine and whitebathroom_sink. The error tells me that the JSON files are broken, they probably have bad characters inside or they are corrupted.

Resourcepack not loading, I get an error

  • If you have SkinsRestorer please read here.

  • Check if you have another plugin that uses custom resourcepacks If you have a similar plugins please disable its resourcepack feature or ItemsAdder won't be able to apply the pack correctly. If you want to apply both packs read here.

  • Make sure you don't have any resourcepack set in the server.properties file.

  • Minecraft limits servers resourcepacks size to 50MB on Minecraft 1.14 and 100MB on 1.15+. Make sure to compress your textures and your music files before creating the zip file.

  • Be sure that your url is a direct download link to the zip file. If you paste the link on your browser (Firefox/Chrome) you must instantly see the download start. It's a wrong URL if you see a download page with buttons. Read the resourcepack hosting tutorials.

  • Be sure to follow all resourcepack hosting tutorial steps.

  • If you use self-host make sure the port is opened.

  • Run /iainfo command and make sure the resourcepack URL is reachable from your browser and it directly downloads the resourcepack .zip file.

  • Make sure you're not using UPPERCASE, space or special characters in items names, namespaces, texture files (png) and model files (json). For example an ID for a custom item: CustomSword is wrong, use custom_sword.

My players can't load the resourcepack! I've followed the whole tutorial

  • Enable the resourcepack in the server list settings: http://imgur.com/a/SG0AU

  • Make sure you don't have any inventory (GUI) or book opening on join. This can cause the resourcepack prompt to disappear and the player won't be able to click on it. In order to fix this you can use the free plugin ResourcePackBroadcast. This allows you to run commands as soon as the resourcepack is accepted (and various other features).

  • Increasing the delay-ticks in config.yml of ItemsAdder to 10 or greater.

  • Leave the server, go to %appdata%/.minecraft/server-resource-packs and delete everything. Then join the server again.

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