👀I can't see emoji, GUIs, HUDs etc.

ItemsAdder 3.4.1 and greater

  • Open config.yml of ItemsAdder

  • Enable this option:

    fix_force_unicode_font_images: true
  • Run /iazip to regenerate your resourcepack

  • Follow the hosting method tutorial you decided during plugin installation

ItemsAdder 3.4.0 and lower

If you set Force Unicode to ON because you don't like Minecraft default font you can't see emojis, custom guis and huds.

Normally on Minecraft you set Force Unicode Font: ON to get the "thin font".

With ItemsAdder this is not possible because it would make emoji, GUIs, HUDs not working anymore. It's a Minecraft limitation.

You must set Force Unicode Font: OFF

and set this in config.yml

    enabled: true

This allows you to set Force Unicode Font: OFF but still have the thin font enabled.

Remember, after this change you have to regenerate your generated.zip file. Check Resourcepack tutorials

This is the result

Now you can see the "thin font" and GUIs, emojis, HUDs won't break (bugged white squares)

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