Custom 3D models for Mythicmobs mobs

Reskinning a Mythicmob mob

You can use a custom player skin for any Mythicmob mob.

This plugin doesn't require Mythicmobs to work, but some servers might need to use it to create custom bosses and similar.

Changing the model

Create a new Mythicmobs mob configuration file in this path: plugins/MythicMobs/Mobs/custom_player.yml ``(you can decide the filename).

Do not use PLAYER as type, it causes issues with head/body rotation.

  Type: ZOMBIE
  Display: '&aCustom Player'
  Health: 10
  Damage: 2
    MovementSpeed: 0
    Silent: true
  - customentity{playerskin=} @self ~onSpawn

In this example I'm changing the Mythicmobs mob skin to Notch's skin.

Custom skin


  • customentity{playerskin=SKIN} Change the player skin

  • customentity{idle=ANIMATION} To change the idle animation

  • customentity{walk=ANIMATION} To change the walk animation

  • customentity{attack=ANIMATION} To change the attack animation

  • customentity{death=ANIMATION} To change the death animation

  • customentity{play=ANIMATION} To play an animation right now

  • customentity{stop=ANIMATION} To stop the current animation


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