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I'm not the author of this plugin and I don't guarantee its future updates nor if it still works with ItemsAdder.
The official cosmetics solution for ItemsAdder is here instead: CosmeticsCore.

How to Install

  • Add HMCCosmetics.jar to your server plugins folder
  • Drag the "data" folder in into the ItemsAdder plugin folder.
  • Drag the "HMCCosmetics" folder into your plugins folder.
  • Start server
  • After your server is started, change the prefix in messages.yml to "%img_colorful%"
And.. you're done! You have successfully installed HMCCosmetics with the ItemsAdder addon.

ItemsAdder material type

Using an ItemsAdder item for your cosmetic is very simple. material: itemsadder:<my_namespace>:<my_item>
Last modified 8mo ago