Furniture collisions

How can I make a furniture solid?

You can make a furniture solid adding the "solid" attribute and specifying a hitbox (if you want > 1x1x1)
display_name: display-name-table
permission: table
- 'lore-decorative-item'
material: OAK_WOOD
generate: false
model_path: item/table
small: true
solid: true
entity: armor_stand
length: 1
width: 1
height: 1
length_offset: 0
width_offset: 0
height_offset: 0

Hitbox has wrong location

Sometimes you need to also specify an "offset" to fix the hitbox location. This can happen if your furniture is 2x1x1 for example.

Wrong hitbox location

Correct location

I had to set a width offset of 0.5. You can also use negative values if needed.
length: 1
width: 2
height: 1
width_offset: 0.5

Preview the hitbox

You can use the command /iahitbox to see the hitbox when you pleace a furniture, it's very useful to detect mistakes in the hitbox configuration
Hitboxes limitations
item_frame limitations (doesn't affect armor_stand)
Furnitures that use entity: item_frame support only hitbox with width and length of the same value. Example: width: 2, length: 2, height: 1.
If you want to have different width and length use entity: armor_stand.
Last modified 6mo ago