Convert old files to v2

It's recommended to start a fresh new world and don't use the old one as converters work but are experimental.

If you didn't create any custom item and you are using only my custom items please skip that tutorial, you don't need to convert files. But be sure to follow the tutorial "Convert old items ingame"

You just have to rename ItemsAdder folder to ItemsAdder_backup, delete the old plugin and install the 2.0 version

What changed?

ItemsAdder v2 is a complete recode of previous ItemsAdder version. It changed EVERY configuration and every resourcepack file path/properties/format. It's like a brand new plugin, with more features, more optimized and easier to maintain.

How can I convert old configuration files and resourcepacks to the new format?

You have to follow this tutorial :D

Please be sure to follow the tutorial carefully, don't be in a hurry or you could make mistakes and take longer to do the conversion.

Do this operation only on a local test server on your PC so you won't make mistakes and risk losing data.

Step 1

  • Disable old ItemsAdder plugin from your test server (delete the ItemsAdder.jar and stop server)

  • Download the ItemsAdder Converter and put it into your test server plugins folder.

Step 2 - copy items configs

  • Open server plugins folder and create a new folder named ItemsAdder_old

  • Open your OLD ItemsAdder folder and copy files from items folder (see screenshot)

  • Paste the items folder into ItemsAdder_old

Step 3 - copy resourcepack

  • Create a new folder named pack inside ItemsAdder_old

  • Extract the exact CONTENT of your old resourcepack .zip file inside the new folder pack

Step 4 - Prepare new ItemsAdder 2.0

If you don't care and don't want to get my custom items and you just want to create your own items:

open config.yml in the ItemsAdder folder (just generated by ItemsAdder 2.0 version) and set these properties to false.

extract-default-items: false
extract-default-resources: false

Then delete all folders inside ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\... but keep minecraft folder. And delete all folders inside ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\... but keep minecraft folder.

You also have to remove my categories from ia_gui.yml

Step 5 - preparing the converter

ItemsAdder converter will skip automatically my custom items, so it will create a pack that contains only items that you created on your own.

Configure it before start conversion

  • Open file plugins/ItemsAdderConverter/config.yml

  • Edit namespace to a custom name. You can chose your server name or whatever you want. For example some of my items have namespace "itemsadder" so you'll be able to use command like /iaget itemsadder:ruby (but as you can notice I created more namespaces in the new plugin, in order to separate functionalities)

Step 6 - conversion

To start the conversion:

  • start the server

  • wait it to finish loading all

  • use command /itemsadderconverter:iaconvert


  • Check if it throws any error

  • Stop server only when it finished converting.

Installing ItemsAdder v2

  • Stop the server

  • Please make sure you DELETED the old ItemsAdder.jar

  • If you have the OLD ItemsAdder folder in plugins please RENAME IT TO ItemsAdder_backup or delete it if you already have backups.

  • Download ItemsAdder 2.0 and put it in your plugins folder

  • Start server

  • Wait ItemsAdder 2.0 to finish creating its files

  • If you get any error please read it and check if you did anything wrong (missing dependency, wrong Spigot version....) and retry this step.

  • (IGNORE if you get error about the resourcepack URL, it's normal as you will configure it later)

  • Open folder ItemsAdder_converted which is just created

  • copy the two folders items_packs and resource_packinto new ItemsAdder folder (replace any file if asked)

  • Restart the server

Last tasks

  • delete ItemsAdderConverter, ItemsAdder_converted, ItemsAdder_old folders.

  • delete ItemsAdderConverter.jar

Resourcepack configuration

Please follow this fast tutorial to activate resourcepack:

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