Terms and Conditions for IA

📝Terms Of Service

Before Buying Remember:

  • ⛔ If you have another plugin that uses a custom resource pack you have to know how to merge it with the ItemsAdder resource pack or disable the other plugin. A tutorial is available here.

  • ⛔ Before asking for support, please read the tutorials of this wiki.

  • ⛔ You must have some knowledge on how to create/manage/merge vanilla Minecraft resource packs as this plugin uses a custom-made and modified resource pack to show custom textures/models. Please if you have no knowledge about resource packs don't buy the plugin!

  • ⛔ It's impossible to write a complete list of compatible/incompatible plugins without testing every single plugin on the planet. If the plugin doesn't work with your server setup don't ask for a refund but report it and I'll try to find a solution.

No Refunds!

Refunds are possible only on particular cases and at the seller's discretion. Contact the seller using the forum or via email before opening an official dispute on the payment platform (PayPal, Stripe etc.).

Resource Pack

This plugin requires your users to download a resource pack (which is sent automatically on join) one time. This Plugin may not work with plugins that are using server texture packs, read this to see if your plugin is compatible. There is no Minecraft plugin which allows you to load custom assets without resource packs, it's not an ItemsAdder limitation, that's how the game works.

Server Software

This plugin works with Spigot and Paper, I can't guarantee that the plugin will work on other Spigot forks. By using other server software solutions you agree that the plugin may not work correctly.

Plugin Ownership


You may only use the plugin on a server that you are an owner of. Bungeecord networks are also allowed. You Must ensure that your staff won't leak the plugin and keep your JAR safe. If you want to transfer your account or your license to another account you can do that by opening a ticket on my support forum.

Making Addons

You can sell custom packs, textures, and configs... make sure to read the addons creation policy.

Bugs & Issues & Support

If you have any problems do not leave one-star review to gain my attention, it does the opposite. I can fix bugs only if you report them in the right place. Please be sure to read tutorials before asking for help. Check the FAQ for more info. If you are contacting support please read the support policy.

How to ask for support properly

🆘 Support Policy

No support for unverified accounts

All users must complete the verification process to ask for support.

No support in case of support abuse

You are not allowed to open tickets or spam threads or tag the support team. Any user that will spam support will be ignored.

No support if not enough information is provided

It's your responsibility to give us all the information that is related to your issues. We can't provide support if you won't give us any information. You won't get support if your help request doesn't have enough information.

🖌️Addon Creation Policy

You can sell custom packs, textures, and configs... compatible with this plugin or plugin presets. Thanks. Also a donation is appreciated if you earn a lot from them.

Creating unique Addons

When creating add-ons you are not allowed to include any items from the default ItemsAdder pack DO NOT INCLUDE MY DEFAULT ITESM, MODELS, FONT IMAGES etc. IN YOUR ADDONS! PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE MY DEFAULT ITEMS IN YOUR PACK! You can't resell my assets.

Copying Other Addons

If your addon contains similar models, items, font images etc. to another addon your addon will be removed. DON'T COPY OTHER CREATIONS. Ask permission if you really want to use them, the creator might allow you.

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