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How To Use External Hosting With IA

This guide is outdated and won't work anymore

PloudOS is shutting down and I sadly have no control over it since I don't own the business.

Please use another hosting method instead since this one won't work anymore.

Video tutorial

What is automatic hosting?

ItemsAdder allows you to automatically upload your resourcepack on a free online service with servers all over the world.

Thanks a lot to PloudOS which provides me their platform to host your resourcepacks for free!

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is download speed and availability. This service allows your players to download the resourcepack very fast despite the country where they live (cloud based platform).

I already use self-host, is this better?

Depends. It's better to use self-host if you're working on the resourcepack and you have to continously run /iazip, to avoid losing time (read more here).

When you've finished working on the pack you can safely start using the auto-external-host feature. This will make your server traffic lower as the resourcepack won't be hosted on your server anymore.

If your playerbase is all from the same country you can stick with self-host.

How to use it?

You just have to:

  • enable auto-external-host in config.yml

  • disable all the other hosting methods.

  enabled: true

Last step

Run /iazip to compress the resourcepack. The plugin will upload it online automatically (you will have to accept the privacy policy only the first time).

You're done! Nothing else to do, enjoy your free automated resourcepack hosting.

Will my resourcepack be available online to random people?

2021-08-16: Your resourcepack won't be indexed on Google and won't be published in a list of resourcepacks. Only people who know the link can download the pack.

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