Alternative font file

Use another .json file for the auto generated font images

How to use the alternative custom font file

This feature is unstable and was removed from the plugin. Not available anymore.

ItemsAdder generates the json file for your custom font_images, in some cases you prefer to have a separate file instead of append the images into the default.json.

ItemsAdder (if configured) will generate the font_images inside a new file: assets/minecraft/font/custom.json instead of default.json.

Why having a separate custom font file?

This will make your font_images have a completely separate font you can use on-demand without overwriting the main font characters.

Minecraft 1.16+ has the native custom font feature which allows to specify the font name on each message (using json).

For example you can write this command /tellraw @a [{"text":"Test message!","font":"default"},"\n",{"text":"Test message!","font":"alt"}]

This command will write the first text with font default and the second text with font alt (in this case it's included into the game).

ItemsAdder custom font will be named custom, so in this case you will have to use the attribute "font":"custom".

Downsides and upsides

  • emojis won't be shown in the /e autocomplete command, instead placeholders will be shown (screenshot)

  • not being able to copy and paste unicode characters everywhere anymore, you have to rely on :XXX: and %img_XXX% placeholders or on the vanilla json components specifying the font attribute (check the example)

  • only available on Minecraft 1.16+

  • some settings in config.yml won't work anymore:

    • font_images.command

    • font_images.scoreboard-teams

    • font_images.vault-prefix-suffix

    • font_images.player-display-name (works only on Paper)

    • images in broadcast message (works only on Paper)

    • signs, books (works only on Paper)

  • Players can set Force Unicode: On and the font_images will show anyway because they are using another font, not the default one

Should I use this feature?

This feature is unstable.

I'd avoid using it since it has too many downsides, but I'll leave you the decision since some servers may need to separate the custom images from the default font.

How to enable the feature?

You have to enable this option in config.yml and run /iazip:

  use_separate_custom_font_file_EXPERIMENTAL: true

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