3.3 vs 3.2


ItemsAdder 3.3 introduced a new way to organize your resources:

Which was the issue of 3.2 folders structure?

Removing, recognizing and merging resourcepacks was extremely difficult and made lot of artists mad. The new structure makes organization tasks extremely fast and easy to do.
You can simply delete one folder and have a complete set of features removed without having to manually search and delete files around.
You can now also easily merge other resourcepacks into ItemsAdder without having to manually edit files, just drag and drop!

Frequently asked questions

Are old 3.2 packs compatible?

Yes, you can just continue using the old structure (items_packs and resource_pack). ItemsAdder will still load your assets from these folders if still available.

The old structure (click to zoom)

Example with two packs: my_items and another_pack.

The new structure (click to zoom)

Example with two packs: my_items and another_pack.

contents folder

This folder contains all your packs. You can create as many packs as you want to organize your work. This is useful when you get packs from other websites and if you want to easily remove-add packs with just a click.

configs folder

This folder contains all the .yml configurations for your items, GUIs, blocks, loots, etc.

resourcepack folder

This folder contains some sub-folders, each one is called namespace. In the first example you can see a single folder for your namespace, called my_items.
Each namespace folder contains all the graphical assets for your pack: textures, models, sounds, shaders.

Merge resourcepacks order (step 4):

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