First install
How to install the plugin
You should do this first configuration on your test server on your PC to avoid mistakes and too many restarts.. players don't like when server is down ;) You can upload files to your real server after you finished here.
You should complete ALL installation steps. Not only first.

Step 1 - installing the plugin and APIs

    install ProtocolLib
    install LoneLibs
    install LightAPI (⚠️do not install it if you're on 1.17.1 Paper/Tuinity/Purpur⚠️ It doesn't work for now.)
    (optional) install Lib's Disguises if you plan to create custom mobs in the future.
    put ItemsAdder.jar file inside your plugins folder
    start the server
    let ItemsAdder finish loading everything
First step is done. Now you must complete step 2 to configure the resourcepack (don't worry it's not very hard).

Step 2 - resourcepack first installation

Decide the resourcepack hosting method:

Optional steps

Removing default items

If you don't care about my default stuff and you only want to make your own items, blocks and other things it's easy!

Avoid glitched blocks (if you have Purpur installed)

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