3D model

Creating the animated model (idle animation)

To create the models I use BlockBench, it's very easy to use and fast. BlockBench tutorials are available on YouTube.

You have to make sure to create your model as Java Block/Item model! Don't use Bedrock Model or Entity model!

Creating a very simple idle animation

For example I created this model, it's made of some cubes as you can see.

Now we want to animate it! For example I want to make it float up and down.

1.Save the current model in a temporary folder (anywhere on your PC)

Ok I saved it as 1.json inside the idle folder. This is the first frame of the animation.

**2.**Return to BlockBench and select all pressing CTRL+A

Hold left mouse button while cliking on the GREEN arrow, hold CTRL and move the mouse up a little bit

3.Save the file again but change the name to 2.json

**4.**Do the same thing 3 times (move the mob a little bit up) and save the file again increasing the number in its file name.

**5.**Now we have finished creating the needed frames for our animation. Open this website

**6.**Now click on the icon to load our json frames

**7.**Click on "Choose files..." and select your json files and the png texture

**8.**Click on LOAD

9.Click the second icon and drag and drop the 4 files to the bottom line

**10.**You should have them like that

11.Drag and drop them again but in reverse (3-2, I skipped 1 and 4 because they would be useless for the animation)

**12.**Press the play button (on the bottom left) to preview the animation

13. Press "Export" button (top right of the screen) and configure it like in the screenshot, then press "Export" again.

**14.**Now you will have a zip file with the animation, download it and open it.

15.Extract the zip inside your ItemsAdder folder contents\myitems\resourcepack\

**16.**Set your mob configuration like this, to use the idle animation and not the stuck one: "mob/soul/idle"

    display_name: display-name-soul
    permission: creaturesplus
    click_in_ia_gui: false
      generate: false
      model_path: "mob/soul/idle"

**17.**Use the command /iazip (if you're using external-host please follow the tutorialcarefully)

**18.**spawn the mob using /iasummon soul

Do not open the animated model (exported from the website) with BlockBench or any other editing program or it will probably break and stop working.

You can delete the 1-2-3-4.json files, you don't need them anymore (but you can backup them for future usage), you only need the idle.json file and the png+mcmeta files which are the animated files.

More advanced animations:

Full addon download

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