For example I want to create an emoji pack named "myemojis", so my namespace would be myemojis

Example configurations


Creating the textures folder

  1. Open folder plugins\ItemsAdder\contents\

  2. Create a folder named myemojis

  3. Create a folder named textures, then inside create a folder named font and then a folder named emoji

  4. Now you should have this path: ItemsAdder/contents/myemojis/textures/font/emoji/

  5. Inside this folder you have to put your emojis, you should make them 72x72 to make sure they're not too big and they're not pixelated. But you can decide the size you want (only important thing is that height and width is not over 256.

  6. In this example I put an image named smile.png

Creating ItemsAdder config for your emojis

  1. Now you have to create the folders for your emoji configs. In this example you have to create a folder named myemojis inside ItemsAdder/contents/myemojis/configs/

  2. inside of the configs folder create a file named emoji_images.yml (you can call it whatever you want)

  3. Now you have to open the .yml file and

  namespace: "myemojis"

Then add your emoji (in this example I made a smile emoji) to the list of font_images, so your file would look like this:

  namespace: "myemojis"
    permission: 0
    show_in_gui: true
    path: "font/emoji/smile.png"
    scale_ratio: 9
    y_position: 8

scale_ratio is the final height in pixels of the emoji because 72x72 pixels is too big, You'd have to scale it but you can set 9 so Minecraft will handle it automatically. y_position is the y position in pixels, 8 should be good if you keep emoji 72x72 and scale_ratio to 9. If you have different size you'll have to tweak the y_position based on your tests.

scale_ratio must ALWAYS be bigger than y_position or Minecraft won't like it. I cannot fix that issue, it's a Minecraft limitation.

In-game view

Using the /e useful suggestions

Write /e in chat, press SPACE and press TAB to start autocompleting.

Using the tab autocomplete in chat

Write : in chat and press TAB to start autocompleting.

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