🔢Custom player stats

What are player stats?

They custom attributes added by ItemsAdder, you can add and read them using a special command: /iaplayerstat

You can then use PlaceholderAPI to show them anywhere or bind them to a HUD. I did that to create thirst and mana. Check my default configs for examples.


/iaplayerstat write LoneDev thirst 6 /iaplayerstat read LoneDev thirst float

Saving player stats

Custom NBT file

Saving them into a custom NBT file handled by ItemsAdder which can be later deleted easily. This file is saved into plugins\ItemsAdder\storage\players\stats\ folder.

  save_type: CUSTOM_NBT

player.dat file

Saving them into the vanilla player.dat file. This is useful if you want to sync your server and you already sync the player dat files.

  save_type: PLAYER_DAT

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