How to import the custom entity model and animations

You can import your custom models very easily, you just have to install the Blockbench extension.

Installing the Blockbench extension

Before continuing:

  • Make sure you're running Blockbench 4.1.5 or greater

  • Make sure you're running the latest ItemsAdder and latest ItemsAdder Blockbench extension

Download Blockbench (don't use the web app).

Download the zip

Extract it somewhere, then open Blockbench and click on File -> Plugins.

Click on the icon to load plugins from file, then select the file iaentitymodel.js.

Press OK

Converting the model

Remember to make a backup of your .bbmodel file before using this tool!

Open your .bbmodel project with Blockbench, then click on File -> Convert Project

Select "ItemsAdder Entity Model" in the Format setting, then press Confirm. Now save the new converted model file in a new folder where you will put only this file.

You will have something like that

Configuring the model

Now you can configure your model based on your preferences. The ItemsAdder extension automatically decided some settings for you but you might need to change them. Click on the ItemsAdder tab and press Settings.

Here you have to decide a namespace for your custom entities. The default one is custom, but you should decide your own, for example my_entities, hell_mobs, npcs...

The other thing you might need to change is the "Model Scaling Mode":

  • Max Model size provides 7x7x7 block wide models but limits scaling to shrinking only.

  • Max Scaling range provides shrinking and growing up to 3.125x in size, but limits the maximum model size to 3x3x3 blocks

Change "Max Model Size" only if you have animated the size of some bones.

Export the model

Click on the ItemsAdder tab and press Export.

You should get a success message.

Now open the folder where you have your model and copy/cut the new generated folder assets.

Now create a new folder inside ItemsAdder/contents/, it's your namespace folder. For example mine is custom, so the path is ItemsAdder/contents/custom/.

Paste the assets folder inside the ItemsAdder folder ItemsAdder/contents/custom/resourcepack/.

Creating the ingame entity configuration

Create a new .yml configuration file inside ItemsAdder/contents/custom/configs/ and call it as you prefer, in this example I use one file per-entity, to keep things organized.

  namespace: custom
    display_name: "Barman Robot"
    type: ZOMBIE
    model_folder: entity/barman_robot
    silent: true
    can_sun_burn: false
      movement: 1
      flying: 0
    max_health: 20

In this example my custom entity will use a ZOMBIE as base entity for its AI. You can use any living entity as base entity, depending on your needs.

Summoning the entity

Use the summon command: /iaentity summon <entity>


Do not create too many bones, keep the model simple, remember this is a blocky pixelated game, use its style.

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