Tips for fastest usage

It takes too much time to edit the pack and upload it online!

Yes if you do that the wrong way. Read this:

It's a good practice to create a test server on your PC with:

ItemsAdder with this resourcepack config:

      enabled: false
      enabled: false
      enabled: true # <----- HERE, set true
      server-ip: ''
      pack-port: 8163
      enabled: false

Doing this you'll have a fast and easy to use configuration environment. You can add items and edit the pack on the fly.

When you edit an item texture/model and you edit its configuration you will use command /iazip . By doing this you'll see changes applied at real-time.

So after you finished adding items and configuring them you'll be able to upload everything on your online server to mirror the changes.

It's a good practice to not edit ItemsAdder textures and models directly on your online server. Players hate lag on plugins reload, server restarts, having to re-download the pack when they're already player... It's better to do edits and tests on a local test server instead.

It's a good thing not to edit my custom items. In the future I will edit them and you'll go crazy maintaining both your customization and my updates. It's advised to create your own items instead.

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