🔖Ranks textures (prefix)

Custom ranks textures

You have to use LuckPerms and TAB to follow this tutorial, the method may differ if you're using other permissions and TABs plugins.

If you're using another prefix plugin you may need to use this method to show ranks

How to create my ranks?

Download the example ranks here

Create a new rank configuration

Open ItemsAdder/contents/betterranks/configs/ranks.yml file and copy and paste one of them. Then rename it to your rank, also decide a new .png file name, for example custom

    permission: "ranks.custom"
    show_in_gui: true
    suggest_in_command: false
    path: "custom.png"
    scale_ratio: 9
    y_position: 8

Don't change scale_ratio and y_position. It would make the ranks look pixelated.

Creating the png image

Copy one of my ranks .png files and edit it from folder contents/betterranks/textures/ You can edit it using Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET or any other editing software you use. For example copy admin.png, name it custom.png and edit it.

Don't change the rank image height! Change only the width or the image will look pixelated!


For example in order to make a similar rank to my BetterRanks addon you just have to use the Minecraftia font and cut some pixels.

Using the rank ingame


Creating a group, example (admin)

Use this command /lp creategroup admin

Add the prefix

Use this command to get the editor: /lp editor Now click on the link and open the web editor.

Select the role, in this case admin.

Write prefix.100. followed by the prefix placeholder in the bottom input box, in this example I will use :admin:

prefix.100.:admin: (make sure you write it correctly).

Press +Add

As you can see you have a new line in the permissions list, this is the prefix setting.

Now save your changes

Assign the group to a player

Use this command (change LoneDev to your player name) /lp user LoneDev group add admin

TAB plugin

Make sure you installed PlaceholderAPI

Editing the config.yml of TAB plugin

Add this under the groups category or edit it if already exists. (You have to use %img_admin% instead of :admin: because TAB recognized only PlaceholderAPI placeholders and not ItemsAdder placeholders. This can be valid also for other plugins)

    tabprefix: '%img_admin%  '
    tagprefix: '%img_admin%  '

Then use the command /tab reload

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