Chorus plants (REAL_TRANSPARENT)

REAL_TRANSPARENT blocks break animation in some cases

This is not harmful so you can just ignore it!

This is only a graphical glitch and cannot be fixed in normal Spigot or Paper. If you want to completely fix it you have to install Purpur and set this option in its purpur.yml file.

This only works on Purpur. Spigot and Paper don't have this feature.

This will completely stop chorus plants from updating. So you won't have the chain break effect on them when the first block is broken.

More info here

    disable-chorus-plant-updates: true

Automatic drop pickup duplication issue

If you have an automatic drops pickup plugin you might experience an issue where chorus fruit gets randomly added to your inventory when this kind of Chorus Plant graphical glitches happen.

To fix this you have to remove the automatic drop pickup plugin or ask its developer to add an option to disable automatic pickup of some items (Chorus Fruit) or from some blocks (Chorus Plant).

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