Glitched blocks around the map

Glitched blocks in some areas/custom worlds

Glitched blocks

This is normal if you use REAL , REAL_TRANSPARENT types to create custom blocks. ItemsAdder uses Mushroom Blocks and Chorus Plants to create them.

This happens because the game generates them during gameplay to create some structures (example: big mushrooms in the overworld and chorus plants in the end), so they might spawn with some specific block data, which interfere with ItemsAdder blocks.

This is only a graphical glitch, this state won't cause duplication bugs or similar.

Generally you should avoid using REAL custom blocks type (mushroom) and use REAL_NOTE custom blocks type. REAL_NOTE uses Note Blocks to create custom blocks, so you won't have this issue because they don't naturally generate around the vanilla world.

How to fix

Open config.yml and set this option:

    enabled: true
    only-new-chunks: false

Advanced fix on Paper 1.20.1+

Disable REAL_NOTE blocks glitches

  disable-noteblock-updates: true
  disable-tripwire-updates: true


Setting disable-tripwire-updates: true will completely stop tripwire from updating. So it can potentially make tripwires traps not working anymore.

Advanced fix on on Purpur (before 1.20.1)

This only works on Purpur. Spigot and Paper don't have this feature.

Enable these options in purpur.yml configuration:

Note: disable-chorus-plant-updates: true will completely stop chorus plants from updating. So you won't have the chain break effect on them when the first block is broken.


    disable-mushroom-updates: true
    disable-note-block-updates: true
    disable-chorus-plant-updates: true

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