Removing default stuff

How can I remove all the items and default stuff?

If you only want to make your own items, blocks and other things it's easy! Follow this tutorial.

1. Config.yml

Open plugin config.yml file and set this to false.
extract-default-items: false
extract-default-resources: false

2. Delete the folders you don't need. Select from this list.

Twitter emojis

plugins\ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\twitteremojis plugins\ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\twitteremojis

Magic craft example

plugins\ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\magiccraft plugins\ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\magiccraft

Minecraft Emojis

plugins\ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\mcemojis plugins\ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\mcemojis

ItemsAdder items

plugins\ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\itemsadder plugins\ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\itemsadder

Example items

plugins\ItemsAdder\data\items_packs\example plugins\ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\example

3. Finalizing the changes

Run this command: /iacleancache items
Delete these folders: ItemsAdder\storage\cache\tmp\ ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\minecraft\models\item\ ItemsAdder\data\resource_pack\assets\minecraft\blockstates\
Then run /iazip

Do not delete other folders which are not listed in the previous list.

If you delete minecraft, mcguis or mcicons folders some parts of the plugin may stop working.