Hide Scoreboard numbers (1.17+)
Disable red scoreboard numbers

Scoreboard numbers

Some servers use the scoreboard to show custom data and they don't use the red numbers, they just look awful in most of the servers.
Without ItemsAdder
With ItemsAdder


This feature works only on Minecraft 1.17 client, server version doesn't matter.


Using RED (&c) color on the scoreboard may cause glitches. This happens when you have red text near the right part of the scoreboard and you have GUI scale setting set to 1 or 3.

How to use &c color without issues?

You can change your text color from &c to {#ff5546}, it's the same color but it won't be bugged.
Another way to fix this is to add some spaces at the end of your red text to avoid this.

How to hide them?

ItemsAdder 2.4.19 allows you to hide the scoreboard numbers.
To do that you have to enable the feature in config.yml and run /iazip.
hide-scoreboard-numbers: true


this option is definitive and cannot be turned on/off in-game. You will have to disable it in the config.yml and run /iazip again if you want to show the numbers.
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