Single resourcepack Bungeecord
Using a network-wide resourcepack to avoid players from redownloading a different one on each join

Network-wide resourcepack

Do you want to install ItemsAdder on multiple Spigot servers of your network? Do you want to avoid players from downloading the resourcepack each time they change server? Follow this simple tutorial.

How to set it up

For example you can have 3 servers: lobby, survival, creative.

Step 1

Install ItemsAdder on all these 3 servers.

This is very important

Make sure to sync all the 3 servers plugins/ItemsAdder/ configurations folders each time you make a modification, they must be the same, only the config.yml hosting part can change.
This is very crucial for this task or everything won't work.

Step 2

Decide a main server, for example lobby. Open the config.yml of ItemsAdder in the lobby server and set up the hosting.
It's advised to use self-host, it's the best method.
After you finished configuring the hosting (follow the linked tutorial carefully) you have to use the /iainfo command and get the URL in console, copy it.
For example:
You must remove the URL part after #, it's not needed. Copy it without that part after #.

For example using self-host:

Self host example

Step 3

Open the other servers (survival, creative) ItemsAdder config.yml file and edit the hosting part. Instead of YOUR_PACK_COMPLETE_URL you have to put the URL you got from the /iainfo command.
enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: false
pack-port: 8163
enabled: true

Step 4 (Bungeecord only)

Install the Bungeecord plugin to make the loading even faster!
SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

Do not install BungeePackFix on Spigot servers!

This is a Bungeecord plugin! Install it on Bungeecord!
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