☐ characters

Square character

I see ☐ character after uninstalling Custom ESC addon

This happens only on ItemsAdder version older than 3.3.0.
This is useful to uninstall Custom ESC addon
You have to delete this folder lang folder: data/resource_pack/assets/minecraft/lang
Then run /iazip command.

I see ☐ instead of my emojis/ranks

Make sure to run /iazip and reupload the resourcepack if needed.
Read more here: resourcepack hosting
Make sure y_position property is not greater than the image height in pixels or imagine height * scale_ratio.
Minecraft doesn't support this, it won't work.

1.19 clients show ☐ instead of some font images

This is caused by this Minecraft bug I cannot fix:

How to fix?

It's very easy: you just have to open your CLIENT log (not server log) and find the error about the font shows which what caused other font images to stop loading: reading client log
You have one or more misconfigured images, these are the cause of that problem.

Example of misconfigured png:

This example pack has a PNG with height higher than the y_position.
Unable to load font 'minecraft:default' in fonts.json in resourcepack: '260e803a4ce18a1662a5ff9c59f9d758ab1026bb' Ascent 30 higher than height 9
at net.minecraft.class_386$class_387.method_2037(
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