Chat preview (1.19+)
Preview chat messages before they are sent

Chat preview

ItemsAdder 3.2.0c allows you to enable the 1.19+ chat preview feature of Minecraft.

This feature works only on Minecraft 1.19 client, it also wasn't tested on old servers.

Announcement shown to the player on join

Chat preview feature in action

Enabling the chat preview

Open config.yml of ItemsAdder and set this option, then run /iareload and join the server.
chat-preview: true


The chat-preview setting disables messages signature! Do not use chat-preview if you need messages signature (which is a 1.19+ new feature).
This might be changed in the future, for now it's not possible to have both chat-preview and messages signature enabled at the same time, it's a Spigot limitation I can't bypass.